IntroductionA Nurse adds years to life". Physiotherapy is an essential core health service. Trained Nurses are professionals who lead in the promotion, improvement and maintenance of health and well – being of patients. B.Sc. Nursing is a four year full time program providing educational expertise & skills in problem based learning, Rehabilitation and patient care & management. The learning is further enhanced during 6 months mandatory internship programme. Where students are given platform to learn & treat variety of patients under supervision & expert guidance. Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth Trust`s Institute of Nursing Education & Research, Pune is established with well equipped OPD with good patient in flow. The OPD has advance exercise therapy excellent equipments & modern electrotherapeutic equipments. The college has well established musculoskeletal, , cardiopulmonary, electrotherapy & exercise therapy, laboratories with all standard equipments to provide ample practical exposure to the students. The faculty comprise of well qualified, competent & enthusiastic teachers, who are always focused towards better performance & knowledge imbibitions in the students. Thus overall Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth Trust`s Institute of Nursing Education & Research,Pune has well integrated programme to bring a best learning experience in nursing and to provide qualified nurses to the society.

About TMV's Institute of Nursing Education & Research, Pune More than teaching process, it is a learning process. When the ambience and environment are condusive, learning naturally happens. We have created an ambience, where learning naturally takes place. TMV's Indutai Tilak College of Physiotherapy, Pune is a premium college and It's parent organization has established 97 years back as a memorial of Lokmanya Tilak, an unparelleled freedom fighter of India. The establishment of the parent organization is with a noble cause and has never been a commercial venture. We carry the legacy of National Education and take it responsibly ahead. I feel that education should be a joyful process. It should never be a burden. Our faculty takes pride in being part of the TMV and enjoys teaching, so students also enjoy learning and pass out not only as graduates, but as responsible citizens of the country.

Year of EstablisNursgent

Principal's Message In the present scenario of globalization, the Hospital Industry has been identified as the fastest in need of doctors who are proficient. It is ranked as one of the highest foreign exchange revenue earners and is predicted to be the India’s largest industry in the near future. There will be a great demand for well – qualified staff with exciting and rewarding career opportunities. Our courses offered, impart the zeal to achieve excellence in every aspect encompassing all major themes of various medical subjects as core topics for study having broadened the scope of job opportunities.
Our institute provides excellent hospitals linkages to ensure job opportunities and training in India as well as abroad. Learning the skills required for this demanding profession would not be possible without skilled and proficient faculties which are an asset of our organization. We work as a team to give our students the best!